Electronics HR Management

Johannesburg, S.A

26 March -30 August

Who Are We

One Fundi is a leading business school that offers a wide range of innovative study programmes. Our study programmes offer innovative insights that are intended to nurture the talent that is required by organisations to effectively compete on the global market.

As an experienced service provider, our study programmes are developed in consideration of the changes of global trends and institutional policies, this means that each programme is anchored on specialist research and is an infusion of highly actionable insights, methodologies and strategies that enables our participants to have a comparative edge on the global market.



Change Management

Johannesburg, S.A

21 May – 25 May

Learning Methods


Onefundi offers a wide range of  education programmes tailor made to suite the needs of business professionals, government institutions, NGO’s and cooperate entities.

Our  education  packages are offered through in-house workshops and distance learning. Our study programmes are conducted over a period that of not more than 10 days, this allows our expert trainers to effectively focus on the critical elements that are essential in transforming thier business environments.

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Project Management

Johannesburg, S.A

23 July – 27 July

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